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Why ORS?

ORS Partners’ Total Workforce Solution (ORS TWS) provides clients with a comprehensive, unified approach to managing their organizations’ entire workforce; this includes full- and part-time employees as well as temporary, contract, SOW-based, and freelance/gig workers.

With the integration of TalentFleX (TFX), our contingent workforce solutions division, ORS TWS is uniquely positioned to help our clients make better decisions around talent acquisition and engagement. Our talent consultants can assist with workforce strategy & planning, recruitment tools & technologies, data & analytics, and compliance & risk management. We will help build and implement a competitive talent acquisition plan, creating a key differentiator in today’s dynamic labor market.

The ORS Total Workforce Solution delivers a more agile and efficient workforce optimization process, allowing organizations to maximize their talent.

Scalable Solutions

Every client is different. Our customized talent acquisition solutions are adaptable to your specific hiring needs. We can scale our teams up and down to match your quarterly budget, size, industry, and geography. ORS Partners’ Talent Solutions are agile and nimble, ensuring we are always delivering based on your current needs.

Consultative Approach

Our approach to every project is consultative. We partner with business leaders and work closely with leadership to ensure we understand your business drivers as they relate to talent acquisition. From sourcing and hiring to branding and marketing, ORS Partners can handle every aspect of your business’s talent acquisition function.

Specialized Resources

ORS Partners has created teams to address the unique functional aspects of your business while leveraging AI-powered tools embedded within ORS Innovation Lab. Our teams receive robust support from the ORS Innovation Lab, as well as ORS University to meet your talent acquisition needs. By aligning our delivery teams vertically, functionally, and regionally with each client, we ensure a streamlined and efficient process of sourcing, recruiting, and hiring top talent for your organization.



We are honored to receive recognition from highly respected organizations. We know our team and clients are the reason for our growth and success, and we are grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a talented group.

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