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Fast Growing Businesses Require Expertise

When growing a business, the focus needs to be centered around robust product development and developing a strong sales pipeline. During these times, effective talent acquisition processes aren’t always fully developed and talent acquisition solutions for small and emerging businesses tend to rely on personal referrals and the immediate network of employees and executives.

At this stage, positions are created as-needed and may fulfill multiple needs within the business. While this approach to talent acquisition will work for the short-term, it isn’t a long-term solution to the underlying problem of how and when to attract and retain top talent.

If a business is VC or PE backed, hiring top talent becomes even more important as investors want to see a plan for future profitability of the business. Investors value progress, and a solid team is essential for success.

“In any stage, Talent Acquisition should be regarded as a crucial function to support growth. As a business grows, the need to hire top talent grows with it.”

-Terry Williams, CEO, ORS Partners, LLC

Driving Growth Through Effective Talent Acquisition Solutions

To ensure seamless brand integration, ORS Talent Consultants are aligned with the business’s HR Department and Leadership team.

The process begins by working directly with the internal team to discover business needs and develop a success plan. This plan includes various factors such as headcount and business goals.

With the ORS White Label solution, businesses receive a customized recruiting solution complete with set performance targets and a resource deployment plan. We also implement new technologies that have been extensively vetted to build a strong pipeline of top talent that will be delivered directly to the decision makers within the business.


Every growing business has a unique pace, language, and culture and the ORS Partners’ full life-cycle white label recruiting solution includes every aspect of the talent acquisition process:

  • Brand & Client Assimilation
  • Job Profiling & Design
  • Candidate Sourcing & Pipelining
  • Sourcing Support – ORS Sourcing Center
  • Assessments & Screening
  • Interview Management
  • Hiring & Onboarding Management
  • Retention Management
  • Technology

ORS Talent Consultants Carry Your Card.

ORS Talent Consultants sit on-site. They work directly with hiring teams and become an integrated part of the process. This differentiated offering allows the recruitment process to be offloaded without jeopardizing the consistency in employer brand, a crucial component of successful talent acquisition management.

You can focus on growing the business while we focus on getting the right people through the door. With the ORS Partners White Label Recruiting solution, you can be confident that you are getting only the best talent possible.

“Our consultants will become your brand ambassadors, able to tell your company story as powerfully as your internal team.”

-Terry Williams, CEO, ORS Partners, LLC

Become Part of our Track Record of Success.

Since 2012, ORS Partners has worked with nearly 300 companies on their talent acquisition functions. As of April 2022, 68 clients have experienced liquidity events since working with ORS. Our clients are global and primed for explosive growth. We’ve supported companies in various stages and across multiple industries. Contact us today to see how our white label solution can work for your business.

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