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Hire to Higher

At ORS Partners, we believe that continuous education is critical to our growth and development.

Enter ORS University.

Launched in October of 2012, ORSU was created as a high-touch, interactive learning environment specifically designed for the outsourced talent consultant. Through ORSU, our talent consultants are given the support to further develop their professional skills.

ORSU broadly addresses various areas of learning such as tactics for the day-to-day operations of an account, how to become a strategic partner to your client, and how to be a value-add resource for both the client and the company.

Various methods of instruction are utilized, and they include formal, informal, and experiential training techniques.

Incorporating these various combinations of formal, informal, and experiential methods ensures that everyone has a chance to learn the way that works best for them. With this combination, we have been able to create a well-rounded education system that fosters interaction, knowledge sharing, and open communication.

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Developing Expertise to Stay Ahead


ORSU provides our talent consultants with the opportunities to remain on the leading edge of the ever-changing and competitive landscape of talent acquisition.


Educated by peers and incorporating tried-and-true practices from industry leaders, ORSU provides our talent consultants with the tools and knowledge to become the best in the industry.


Throughout our training, we focus on four pillars of development: Entry-level Training, Client-focused Training, Professional Development, and Leadership Development. Organizing our professional training into these four categories ensures our team is getting the support they need every step of the way.

From Continuous Education to Continuous Improvement

The focused approach that ORSU takes allows us to zero in on the most important aspects of professional and personal development. We develop our consultants further by providing regular coaching and feedback. Through these processes, our talent consultants have the opportunity to grow and develop, which in turn improves our ability to provide leading talent acquisition solutions to our clients.

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