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Winning The Talent Game How ORS Partners Helps You Leverage The Contingent Workforce

Winning the Talent Game: How ORS Partners Helps You Leverage the Contingent Workforce


ORS Partners' Executive Search Practice Lead, Camille Colvin, dives into this exciting intersection in our latest blog post: "Unlocking Growth in the Consolidating Healthcare and Booming Health & Wellness Market for Private Equity."
Read below to learn how ORS Partners' expertise can empower your growth through strategic talent acquisition.

The world of work is experiencing a revolution. The traditional model of full-time employees is giving way to a more flexible and adaptable approach, with the contingent workforce playing an increasingly important role. This shift presents exciting opportunities for businesses to thrive, and ORS Partners is here to help you capitalize on these new possibilities.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • A Growing Talent Pool: The rise of the gig economy and remote work has created a vast pool of skilled professionals seeking project-based or freelance opportunities. ORS Partners leverages the latest AI tools and recruiting platforms from our Innovation Lab to access this vast pool and identify top talent efficiently.
  • Skills Over Titles: Companies are moving away from traditional job titles and focusing on specific skill sets needed for the project. This creates opportunities for contingent workers with specialized expertise to contribute their valuable skills. Our highly skilled recruiters work closely with you to understand your specific needs and find the perfect candidate match, regardless of traditional titles.
  • Building a Stronger Workforce: We go beyond simply filling roles. We provide ongoing market insights, tailored feedback, and development opportunities, empowering your contingent workers to continuously learn, refine their skills, and become a strong complement to your existing team.

The ORS Partners Difference:

  • Speed to Market with Quality: We understand the need to fill roles quickly, but never at the expense of quality. Our consultative approach ensures we find the perfect talent fit, even in a fast-paced environment.
  • Premium Service for Contingent Needs: Imagine a white glove service experience applied to contingent staffing. That’s what ORS Partners delivers. We provide consistent feedback, collaborate closely, and offer invaluable insight to achieve your hiring goals.
  • Impact Across Industries: Frank Testa, Vice President of Delivery Services at ORS Partners, captures the essence of our commitment: “Our TalentFlex Solutions team takes pride in supporting industries that directly impact people’s lives. Whether it’s hiring teachers for a Pennsylvania Charter School, skilled therapists for a leading national mental health provider, or customer service representatives for a top insurance company that specializes in covering US regions prone to natural disasters, we are dedicated to identifying top talent across these and all industries.” This dedication is demonstrated across a vast range of verticals, from technology, customer service, and finance to fields like teaching and mental health. We help organizations of all kinds leverage the contingent workforce for project-based hiring, managing peak seasons, and temp-to-perm solutions.

The Result?

By partnering with ORS Partners, you can:

  • Increase Efficiency: Focus on core business functions while we handle your contingent talent acquisition needs.
  • Save Time: Utilizing our streamlined processes and dedicated recruiters frees up your valuable time, allowing you to focus on your core business.
  • Meet Deadlines: We understand the importance of speed, working diligently to fill roles quickly.
  • Reduce Employment Costs: Our temp-to-perm strategies can help you find long-term talent while controlling costs.

You know your business. We know talent. Let’s scale together.

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