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Embracing The Legacy & Igniting Change In Your Organization Beyond February

Embracing the Legacy & Igniting Change in Your Organization Beyond February


February is Black History Month, but at ORS Partners, we believe in celebrating and amplifying Black voices year-round. The following article explores meaningful ways to:
• Amplify Black voices: Host panels, discussions, and create platforms for employee storytelling.
• Center learning & reflection: Offer educational workshops, museum visits, and resource libraries.
• Take action: Conduct diversity audits, review policies, and champion equity & inclusion initiatives.
• Make it year-round: Integrate these efforts into ongoing DEIB programs and celebrate achievements beyond February.

February is Black History Month, a time to honor the rich legacy and ongoing contributions of Black communities. Organizations should honor Black History Month and ensure it is more than another month of themed lunches and social media posts, quickly followed by a return to business as usual.

This year, challenge yourselves to incorporate Black history and voices into the fabric of your organization. Below are some meaningful ways to make Black History Month an opportunity to build a culture of diversity in your business:

1. Amplify Black voices:

  • Host panels and discussions featuring Black employees, thought leaders, and community members during the month of February and beyond. You can utilize your personal network connections as well as social media platforms to connect with speakers and book a presentation for your organization.

In 2023, ORS Partners welcomed the brilliant Erika Broadwater, National President NAAAHR and Diversity Equity &Inclusion (DEI) Program Leader to speak at a company Lunch & Learn. Erica discussed racism and equity at work while providing detailed strategies to transition organizations to a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) workplace. When it comes to DEIB in your organization, Erika advised, “Have a Purpose – not just a box checked!” Her insights from that hour-long discussion one year ago are still referenced by many ORS employees today.

  • Create platforms for employees to share their stories and experiences. Lunch-and-learns, internal company newsletters and online spaces like Slack or Microsoft Teams can serve as valuable tools to foster ongoing meaningful connections between employees.

ORS Partners’ DEIB Committee provides a forum for employees to share insights with fellow team members. The committee’s Slack channel provides a hub for employees to connect about news, resources, and any topics related to DEIB.

  1. Center learning and reflection:
  • Partner with local organizations like museums, historical societies, or cultural centers to offer educational workshops or tours for your employees.

For the upcoming quarter, talk to your leaders about allowing your team to step outside of the office to visit museums or take part in volunteer work to further their learning about the importance of Black history.

  • Create a resource library of books, articles, and documentaries on Black history and social justice issues. Make it readily accessible to employees.

ORS Partners has a dedicated DEIB SharePoint page that serves as an archive for past DEIB presentations and other important documents. Employees can easily reference this page at their discretion and add additional resources throughout the year.

  1. Take action toward equity and inclusion:
  • Conduct a diversity audit to identify areas where your organization can improve representation and inclusion. A DEIB committee, at your company, could lead this project by meeting regularly with organization leaders to ensure milestones are met and data is properly analyzed.
  • Review your policies and practices. This could involve unconscious bias training, mentorship programs, or revising performance evaluation criteria.


  1. Make it a year-round commitment:

Black History Month is a springboard, not a finish line. Integrate your efforts into your organization’s ongoing DEIB initiatives. Celebrate achievements beyond February, and ensure all voices are heard and valued throughout the year.

Remember, incorporating Black history is about actively listening, learning, and taking steps to create a more inclusive and equitable environment for all. By embracing these meaningful practices, your organization can truly honor Black history and build a brighter and safer future for everyone.

Let’s build a legacy of inclusivity that lasts beyond a calendar cycle in every organization.


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