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Client Profile

  • Industry: Digital Behavioral Health Solutions Company
  • Size: 11 – 50 Employees
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA
  • Type: Privately Held

Case Studies

The Business Needed

ORS Retained Search Team was tasked with finding a Chief Revenue Officer candidate with a fast-paced healthcare technology background that would assist Tridiuum in the process of commercializing their product. In addition, the CRO would be responsible for building a sales team that would accelerate said commercialization. 

Time to Fill (Days)
Total # of Candidates Identified
Total # of Candidates Interviewed

The Solution

ORS Retained Search Team identified companies who have sold into Health Systems industries and began targeting their executive level sales leaders. Our team identified 83 potential candidates across the country and began the process of vetting them. This process included a initial screen with a recruiter, an in-person interview with Pete Chimera, the Search Team Leader, and finally an executive in-person interview with Terry Williams, the CEO of ORS.

The Success

ORS was able to reduce the candidate pool to the 3 top candidates, who were then interviewed by the CEO and CFO of Tridiuum. ORS coordinated all meetings with the company’s team and the top two candidates, then provided extensive reference checking, validation of results, and compensation for the final candidate. This was all completed in the company’s time frame.

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