The Client


Industry: SaaS/Technology
Size: 500+ employees
HQ: Exton, PA
Type: Publicly Held (as part of Roper Technologies) 

The Consultant

ORS Consultant Frank Testa
Frank Testa

Case Study


The Situation

iPipeline, a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for life insurance and financial services, was looking to restructure their company interview process. iPipeline sought to implement a competency-based interview model and establish a more standardized interview process in order to consistently evaluate candidates.

The Challenge

Overcoming resistance to the implementation of a new interview process.

The Action

The ORS team created a customized interview training process for the hiring managers at iPipeline. This training included a mix of lecture hall and workshop-based sessions aimed at providing the managers a consistent methodology for all future interviews. The ORS team worked closely with leadership at iPipeline to identify their core competencies and ensure questions tied into these areas.  Each interviewer was responsible for asking predefined questions to the candidate during their allotted time slot.  Additionally, Frank and his team created scorecards and implemented an interview debrief session into the process to share findings as a group once the scorecard for each candidate was complete.  

The Result

Frank and his team worked alongside iPipeline leadership to create an initiative that led to a more consistent approach to the interview process. This was not just an overnight success but required reinforcement to help managers adjust. From the work contributed by the ORS team, iPipeline was able to evaluate candidate scorecards and have a clearer picture of a candidate’s qualifications prior to making a hiring decision. These hiring decisions also involved candidates being evaluated based on iPipeline’s competencies. In addition to improving the overall hiring process, the candidate experience also improved as the applicant received a diversified set of questions from each interviewer.

Frank's Skills

solution design

education & training

strategy implementation

Client Testimonial

“We knew that competency interviewing would be a key element of our growth strategy and one which would allow us to scale while still ensuring that our desired culture remained at the forefront of our hiring practices. With ORS leading this project and adding its own subject matter expertise, we were able to institute a more reliable and scalable evaluation process for our rapidly growing business. We saw immediate gains and continue to benefit from this project.” - Maura Kane, AVP Human Resources

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