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3 Reasons You’re Struggling to Hold On to Your Millennial Talent

In a recent report by Gallup, researchers found that 50% of millennials in the US workforce aren’t planning on working at their current company in a year’s time, and 6 out of 10 say they’re open to new employment opportunities.

You could write this growing trend in behavior off as a lack of employee loyalty or discipline, but that’d be a costly mistake to make – it’s estimated that millennial turnover due to lack of engagement at work costs the US economy $30.5 billion dollars annually, and that number isn’t shrinking.

Identifying and understanding the reasons behind the high turnover rate of this generation (which now makes up the majority of the US workforce, mind you) is of vital importance if you’re looking to retain talent and scale your company in the modern age.

1. They’re Consumers of the Workplace


Given their proclivity for technology, millennials over every other generation are active “consumers of the workplace”. It’s a breeze to shop around for new positions on job sites like LinkedIn and Indeed, while Glassdoor provides internal reviews and insights into a company’s culture long before a potential candidate considers sending in their resume.

To be fair, it isn’t always the case that these employees want to leave their companies – they just place a premium on being challenged and valued in their professional lives.

The employees of today and tomorrow are looking for purposeful, engaging work, and they’re willing to hop from job to job until they find it. Buying a house, getting married, and having children are far-off goals for a majority of this generation, and career ambitions have been pushed to the forefront.

2. Big Boss vs. Coach Styles of Management


Younger employees are looking for jobs where they can develop professionally, and that includes fostering a meaningful relationship with their superiors.

Interestingly enough, 62% of millennial employees who feel they can talk to their boss about their lives outside of work say they plan to remain with their company a year from now – a 12% increase from the baseline statistic. Engaging with your staff on a candid, personal level could boost your retention rates and save your company a significant amount of money in recruiting and training costs over time.

Bosses who successfully retain their talent have adopted tenets of coaching management, which means they place emphasis on providing guidance and building rapport with their staff to help them reach their full potential rather than simply directing them. Most critically, they offer constant feedback and advice to their employees; information is shared rapidly in this digital age, and quarterly and annual reviews aren’t cutting it anymore.

3. Concerns about Artificial Intelligence


It’s well known that no industry is safe from AI integration, and unfortunately for Millennials 37% of their generation is at high risk for having their jobs replaced by automation in the coming decades. If you’re looking to retain your younger employees, it’s of growing importance that you discuss your company’s plans when it comes to AI and the effect it’ll have on daily operations.

Casting apocalyptic visions aside, the most likely course is that AI will not fully automate your workplace, but rather augment it, saving time here and there to increase the efficiency of your employees and satisfaction of your customers.

It may be the elephant in the room, but leaving your staff in the dark about the future of your company will spark anxiety, disengagement, and eventually turnover. Your employees are less likely to look for work elsewhere if their concerns are respectfully acknowledged and a solid plan is put in place surrounding AI integration.



Millennials get a bad rap for being entitled and lazy, but data shows that they’re more than willing to work hard for your company if you create an environment in which they can progress their careers, work to their strengths, and create meaningful connections with their coworkers.

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