Client Profile

  • Industry: Technology & Data Infrastructure Company
  • Size: 20 employees
  • Revenue: 15M+
  • Location: Northern New Jersey
  • Type: Venture-backed company, acquired by public company
  • Partnership Duration: 9 months

Case Studies

The Business Needed

After seeing tremendous early-stage growth, Whiptail was anticipating being acquired by a larger company and needed to ramp up hiring to position itself for successful acquisition. The company was using hiring agencies and facing costly fees. In addition, they were unable to source and recruit the talent that was need to position the company for acquisition and lacked an applicant tracking system or historical reporting system. ORS was tasked to build out the national and international teams within a short time frame.

“With our recent expansion into the international marketplace, assembling the right team of employees has been our principal concern, and with ORS Partners on-demand recruiting services and sourcing center, we have been able to quickly identify the best talent in the industry to fulfill our customers’ on-demand needs internationally.”
Timothy Wallace – CEO
Month Partnership Duration
Hires Made
% Cost By Hire Decrease By

The Solution

ORS Partners deployed a White Label Recruiting Solution that included a team of an on-site consultant and sourcing support. The team was aligned with the company’s internal recruitment and HR team to quickly secure the top talent they needed to take their business to the next level. ORS implemented several new and innovative methods of sourcing while seamlessly fitting into the organization and adopting the employer brand.

Additionally, ORS introduced and established several other talent acquisition programs to the client including:

  • Hiring manager interview training
  • Behavioral-based assessment tools

The Success

With ORS as their recruiting partner, this company achieved their hiring initiatives that helped position them for a successful acquisition. ORS placed 42 team members in 9 months, which accounted for 70% of their staff before acquisition.

  • Optimized engagement and candidate experience.
  • Reduced cost per hire by 80%.
  • Enabled client to focus on successful acquisition, not the hiring of staff members.
  • Successfully implemented an applicant tracking system.
  • Improved overall quality of hires.

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