The Institutes

the institutes

Client Profile

  • Industry: Education Management
  • Size: 190+ employees
  • Location: Southeastern PA
  • Type: Educational Institution

Case Studies

The Business Needed

The Institutes, a leading provider of risk management and property-casualty insurance education, was seeking to ramp their talent acquisition efforts to support their organizational goals. The current state of their talent function consisted of two Human Resources Generalists recruiting on a majority of positions including, accounting, marketing, and project management roles, and all IT positions being contracted to agencies. Additionally, their recruitment strategy was heavily focused on applications and job postings.

Months Partnership Duration
Hires Made
% Cost Per Hire Decreased

The Solution

ORS Partners launched a White Label Recruiting Solution that allowed the client to offload their recruiting function without jeopardizing the consistency of their employer brand. ORS’ talent consultant evaluated the client’s current strategy and consulted on a shift from an applicant heavy process to a proactive sourcing and outreach approach. ORS also consulted on the client’s interview process, making recommendations to maximize candidate retention by increasing their level of candidate care. Collaboratively with the client, ORS was able to make strategic changes to their talent acquisition function, ultimately resulting in an extended partnership and over twenty key hires.

The Success

ORS Partners has been able to turn an initial three-month project into a 16-month partnership. ORS has been able to work closely with the client in order to improve the quality of hire through proactive sourcing tactics and an increase the level of candidate care during the interview process. This in turn led to filling 28 positions. Additionally, based on estimated agency fees the client was using before ORS, the cost per hire decreased 54%.

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