Client Profile

  • Industry: Pharmaceutical Serialization Company
  • Size: 200+ employees
  • Location: Northern New Jersey
  • Type: Privately Held

Case Studies

The Business Needed

Systech was experiencing a surge in growth and consequently needed to hire a high volume of employees in a short amount of time; however, they did not have an internal team to support HR to deliver on recruitment needs. Hiring managers were unable to source high quality talent on their own. They also lacked an interviewing process, an applicant tracking system, and a reporting structure.

Months Partnership Duration
Hires Made
% Time to Hire Decreased By

The Solution

ORS Partners deployed a White Label Recruiting Solution that included a team of an on-site consultant and sourcing support. The team was aligned with the company’s internal recruitment and HR team to quickly secure the top talent they needed to take their business to the next level. ORS implemented several new and innovative methods of sourcing while seamlessly fitting into the organization and adopting the employer brand. Additionally, ORS developed and implemented a customized hiring manager interview training program and an applicant tracking system.

The Success

ORS hired 85 employees for the client within 9 months while reducing their cost per hire from $4,000/hire to $2,900/hire and the average time to fill from 64 days to 47 days.

  • Implemented a standardized interviewing program for hiring managers
  • Optimized engagement and candidate experience.
  • Enabled client to focus on strategic HR and talent acquisition initiatives, such as employer brand opportunities and university relations.
  • Successfully implemented an applicant tracking system.
  • Improved overall quality of hires.

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