DrayNow: Start-Up Hiring

The Client


Industry: Transportation/Trucking
Size: Less than 50
HQ: Philadelphia, PA
Type: Privately Held 

The Consultant

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Kat Marra

Case Study


The Situation

DrayNow, a company focused on shortening the first and last mile with their marketplace for matching intermodal freight and carriers, was looking to build up their young company and propel future growth.

The Challenge

Hiring early-stage employees, critical to the growth of DrayNow.

The Action

Mike Albert, CEO of DrayNow, was in need of a strong talent acquisition partner. Mike originally turned to TalentFleX, an ORS sister company, for hiring the first key employees at another organization he co-owns. After success with TalentFleX, ORS Talent Consultant Kat Marra was brought on to support all DrayNow hiring initiatives. Kat worked alongside DrayNow leadership to implement new interview processes that provided insightful feedback for hiring managers. In addition to recruiting efforts, ORS has been a significant part of Mike’s team, working to establish best practices for the evaluation of DrayNow talent. While not a typical ORS service, ORS leadership also assisted DrayNow in securing a commercial real estate advisor.

The Result

ORS developed a strategic plan for developing a talent acquisition function at DrayNow. To date, Kat has hired 16 positions across multiple departments. Since working alongside ORS to address company needs, DrayNow has received positive feedback regarding their interview process, with many candidates mentioning the emphasis placed on candidate experience. With the efforts contributed by TalentFleX and Kat, DrayNow has been able to efficiently adjust their scaling strategy to achieve hiring goals.

Kat's Skills


interview process design

strategic implementation

Client Testimonial

“With so many competing priorities during a start-up, the decision to use ORS was one of the most leveraged investments we made. They served as the recruiting function for DrayNow prior to our initial round of funding, and once funded, we then engaged ORS to serve as our entire talent acquisition function. ORS has proven to be a tremendous partner at each stage of our lifecycle.” - Mike Albert, DrayNow CEO

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