Burlington Coat Factory


Client Profile

  • Industry: Off-Priced Retail
  • Size: 10,000+ employees
  • Location: Central New Jersey
  • Type: Publicly Held

Case Studies

The Business Needed

Burlington, with two different sectors of their talent acquisition strategy: corporate hiring and retail store hiring, was seeking a talent acquisition partner to help build out their corporate team, specifically within the merchandise planning and the localization planning teams. Originally, they needed to fill 12 positions, with additional roles in queue for approval. A deep dive into their current talent acquisition strategy and process showcased a heavy reliance on job applications for their corporate positions.

Month Partnership Duration
Candidates Sourced
Hires Made

The Solution

ORS Partners deployed the Innovation Lab that included an on-site sourcing consultant, who partnered with the internal recruitment and Human Resources team to rapidly assimilate to business need priorities and align to their brand. ORS’ strategy was to emphasize the importance of, and create, a tailored proactive sourcing strategy for the corporate positions. ORs implemented and educated to executive and internal recruitment teams on sourcing techniques and the potential impact of sourcing to their hiring metrics.

In addition, ORS established a candidate care program to the client, which emphasized a high-level of responsiveness to all candidates, to elevate our client as an employer of choice.

The Success

ORS’ market knowledge of top recruitment and sourcing techniques and tools allowed us to educate our client on the potential talent that was accessible through outbound sourcing. The shift in dynamic from relying on inbound applicants to prioritizing outbound sourcing allowed our client to better target candidates with the desired skill-set and culture fit, as well as increase the number of candidates moving through the recruitment pipeline leading to an overall rise in hiring. Due to this strategy shift, ORS has sourced over 6,306 candidates, screened over 2,260 candidates, and hired 11 Planners, 1 Buyer and 1 Application Developer.

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