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ORS University

Education & Development

We believe that continuous education is critical to our growth and development. We practice knowledge sharing. We cultivate people through our formal learning programs. We develop our people by providing coaching and feedback.

ORS University (ORSU)

ORS Partners has launched ORSU, a high touch, interactive learning environment specifically designed for the outsourced recruitment consultant where consultants and human capital professionals educate and are educated by peers and industry leaders. This environment provides ORS consultants and professionals with the tools and knowledge to be at the leading edge of an ever-changing and competitive talent acquisition landscape. As we’ve always viewed recruitment as a functional expertise and hired business consultants first, ORSU more broadly addresses additional areas of learning such as tactics for the day-to-day operations of an account, how to become a strategic partner to your client, and be a value-add resource for both the client and to your company.


Sourcing & Screening

The Sourcing & Screening curriculum takes a deep dive into the foundation of Talent Acquisition – talent identification. These courses define sourcing, investigate the history and future of sourcing and focus on talent identification. Talent identification is the basis of talent management and one of the first steps in the talent acquisition process.  To be a successful recruitment consultant you must understand the basics of talent identification, such as candidate segmentation, sourcing plans and strategy, and pipelining.  Once the foundation is understood, the sourcing and screening courses dive into candidate engagement, as well as tools and techniques from the most basic to complex levels. Some tools covered are as follows:

  • Basic Boolean Operators & Advanced Boolean Search
  • Social Media Recruiting
  • Direct Sourcing
  • Jobs Boards
  • Advanced Internet Techniques

CURRICULUM GOAL: To give recruitment consultants a deep understanding of what sourcing is, what is has been, and what it could be in the future.

Relationship Management

This strategic relationship management curriculum teaches key relationship managers, junior and senior project leaders, how to prepare and implement critical strategies and communication outreach. The program teaches a relationship management process needed to identify strategic initiatives, establish credibility and improve overall customer satisfaction. The course defines and investigates three main sections Relationship Management, Account Management and Risk Management. The sub-topics addressed include but are not limited to:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Setting Expectations
  • Communication and Engagement
  • Establishing Credibility
  • Understanding Company Culture
  • Role Profiling
  • Measuring Project Success
  • Identifying the Source of Risk
  • Recognizing Escalation

CURRICULUM GOAL: To develop a foundation of concepts and solutions that supports the planning, scheduling, controlling, resource management, performance measurement, and reporting activities required for successful completion of a client recruitment project no matter the size and difficulty.

Metrics & Analytics

Measurement of the Human Capital component of business is both the art and science of competitive advantage in the acquisition and direction of talent for the business.  It is a unique formula to every organization that aligns the complexities of the organizational resource model with future growth trends and market impact information. This curriculum focuses on the importance of measurement and why we do it. It dives deeper into the differences between metrics and analytics, qualitative and quantitative data and overall fundamental data analytic techniques. Once a foundation of understanding measurement is laid the course focuses on specific sections of measurement and the impact of the business, which are as follows:

  • Reasoning & Relationships
  • Collecting Data
  • Understanding Business Drivers

CURRICULUM GOAL: Give recruitment consultants the opportunity to learn the basis of metrics and analytics in regards to Talent Acquisition. Not only will they understand the tools and types of metrics and analytics, but also the relationship these have with a company’s business drivers and overall strategy.


This curriculum is a behavior-based interviewing skills training program built on client case studies and the 75+ years of firsthand experience of ORS consultants. This curriculum helps organizations, recruiters and hiring managers develop structured interview processes with customized behavioral interviewing guides that establish efficient, targeted interviews and a quantifiable selection process. The curriculum lays the foundation of the importance of interviews and dives deeper into the following topics:

  • Current Hiring Trends
  • Quality of Interviews
  • Legalities of interviews
  • Interview Formats & Questions
  • Understanding the Client
  • Interview Assessments

CURRICULUM GOAL: To give recruitment consultants the information needed to advise their clients on best practices and knowledge in regards to interviewing so they can ensure clients are getting the most out of their interviews, staying legally compliant, and giving candidates the best interview experience possible.

Systems & Technologies

This curriculum is a general overview of mainstream talent acquisition systems, process, and technology. We also take a deeper dive into applicant tracking systems and additional recruiting software platforms on the market today – such as:

  • Video interviewing technology
  • Screening Tools
  • Assessment tools

The programs’ content is ever-changing as new technology enters the market every day, . It is imperative for recruiters to constantly update their tools and technology so that they are finding and utilizing the best technology possible to find and assess top talent.

CURRICULUM GOAL: Give recruitment consultants an overview of talent acquisition technologies and systems, so they can leverage resources to the best of their ability for clients.

Workforce Planning

This curriculum is designed so recruitment consultants can help guide hiring managers and decision makers in the workforce planning process. We help define workforce planning and the importance of it within a company’s growth strategy. This curriculum helps tie together the talent acquisition process with the overall business strategy of the company. Specific topics reviewed are:

  • Hiring business drivers
  • Resource management
  • Forecasting techniques and tools.

CURRICULUM GOAL: To provide recruitment consultants with the tools they need to understand the business drivers and growth strategies of different organizations and help them develop comprehensive workforce plans.

Leadership Development

In addition to the core curriculum, ORSU participants have the option of completing a “Leadership Capstone” that includes a separate series of projects arranged with their manager and the ORSU program manager that allows them to demonstrate their leadership skills in conjunction with their sourcing, recruiting and relationship management skills. One “Leadership Capstone” project will be offered per ORSU level (101-501). Examples include:

  • Hiring manager interview training
  • ATS training
  • Internal ORSU instruction
  • Technology implementation
  • Project management
  • Specialty sourcing project
  • University relations
  • Intern management

CURRICULUM GOAL: To provide recruitment consultants not only with the opportunity to grow and develop within their field, but also within leadership roles and experiences.

If you are interested in ORSU courses or would like more information, please contact us now.